How it works?

The main idea of Ask a Worm is to repair the connection between consumers and farmers, organic waste and organic food.

So, the main elements of the Ask a Worm cycle are:

  1. People – families, organizations, companies – who, instead of throwing their food waste to municipal waste containers, without separating it, begin to collect and pre-compost it at the source using bokashi method.
  2. The pre-composted waste can remain at its “producers” (if they have a garden), or can be taken by small farmers, who are also participating in the project. Or even by small land owners who have a “dacha” and want to take care of its soil. In any case, it goes on the next composting stage, when it becomes valuable compost.
  3. The farmers who are in the project can offer their products in exchange for compost – or simply establish closer connections with participating consumers, so that consumers can know where their food is coming from and how it is grown.