De ce Ask a Worm?

Ask a Worm is a project that demonstrates that anyone can compost their food waste, even in the apartment or an office. Connecting responsible urban consumers with small ecological farmers, it reduces the volume of waste and offers better products.

Why Ask a Worm?

It is believed that if an apple has „worms” – maggots – in it, than it is more probable that these apples are healthier, hadn’t been treated with chemicals. And it is certain that presence of earthworms indicates that soil is alive and has organic matter in it. Worms are also known for producing one of the best types of compost. So, the worms can be met at all stages of natural food & organic matter cycle – and know best.

And we believe that:

  • composting food waste can redirect a significant amount of waste from the landfill and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted
  • composting food waste in a right way makes household waste management much easier